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3 Tips for Digital Nomads for Making Friends while Traveling.

Updated: Jan 31

Life of digital nomads can be lonely. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Check out 5 tips to grow your network while being in the road!

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Here's what I do when first arriving in a new town:

  1. I hop into a col-iving place: Sharing accommodation with others can be very powerful for meeting new people. Some coliving places offer extensive lists of network activities, they create environments where you can meet like inspiring and like minded people. You can check a curated list of co-living places here.

  2. Breakfast pubs and coworking places become my office: I like working amongst other people. For some reason, this very often leads to having some conversations with some other people filling the place, and quite often these first chats lead to interesting connections and ultimately friends.

  3. I look for local people with similar interest: I am into sports and melodic house music production. So I will look to join local groups and clubs to go running together, create music together, ....Local chapters of expat communities such as Internations can be a good starting point.

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