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The Rise Of Subscription Hospitality

Hybrid hospitality is on the rise, and is bringing new business models to the industry as well. Let's take a closer look.

tokenization of real estate

Hybrid hospitality explained.

Hybrid hospitality blends hospitality concepts such as hotel, coliving, coworking, members clubs, and restauration all into one place. These community-driven models are being incorporated into hotels, giving rise to the concept of hybrid hospitality. With the pandemic changing the way we work and travel, hybrid hospitality offers an innovative solution that caters to a variety of needs.

Entering the Subscription Area.

Millennials and Gen Z have adopted the “subscription lifestyle ” with the past decade seeing the rise of subscriptions for about everything going from music and movies to food and footwear. In recent years - and particularly post- pandemic - the subscription model has gained traction within the hotel sector.

Digital nomads and other avocats of the work-from-anywhere movement have been the driving force behind this, with more people adopting remote working and seeking hassle-free accommodation that supports their flexible lifestyle.

The benefits of subscription models for these guests segments are clear - they provide the ultimate ease and allow guests to buy into the brands they trust. For hotel operators, subscriptions provide a predictable, recurring revenue stream and are an excellent way to strengthen long- term brand loyalty.

So, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Well, firstly, not all hotels are equipped to cater to longer-term guests - hybrid hotels are often at an advantage here.

Secondly, subscription models require an existing, engaged brand community to sell into.

Finally, it requires a wide geographical network with enough locations to make it feasible and compelling to the travelers.

A company leveraging their network and community to lead the way on subscriptions is industry-renowned hybrid hospitality chain Selina. From buzzing global cities to remote jungle locations, Selina sites can be found in more than 70 destinations worldwide and are created to cater to today’s nomadic travellers who are always on the move. It is a true hybrid brand – combining beautifully designed accommodation with coworking spaces, wellness experiences and local adventures.

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